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Club Time Funding

The Arches II

The Arches II is a multi-disciplinary children’s centre in Lambeth, South London, through which Kids Company supports up to 2000 children and young people aged between 0 and 23. The centre provides a comprehensive package of care to exceptionally vulnerable children, most of whom refer themselves or are referred by their peers. Many of these children and young people have been drug couriers, members of gangs, or in prostitution.

These children use the Arches II like a substitute family environment and many attend six days per week. All of their practical and emotional needs are met on site by a team of keyworkers, social workers, youth offending workers, teachers, employment advisors, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses, alternative health therapists, arts therapists, and a GP. The centre also offers after school sports, art, music and drama clubs, and arranges trips to out in evenings and holidays. The services provided at the centre are assessed, designed and delivered according to the individual service user.

The aim of the Arches II is to provide children with an experience of sustained care which helps repair their sense of abandonment and enables them to work through the trauma many have experienced through physical and sexual abuse. These are the children that local authorities struggle to manage, because their behaviour is so disturbed and their needs so complex.

Club time funding – Mothers4Children

Supporting Activites at the arches II

One of Kids Companies most inspiring programmes is the after school ‘Club Time’ programmes at the Arches II drop in centre. This supports 400 children who have severe emotional, behavioural and social problems, resulting from significant experiences of trauma and neglect. They organise a transport service of minibuses to collect children from local junior schools and ensure that they get home safely at the end of the evening. Run over 30 seperate activites each week, and provide all our children with a nutritious dinner one of 2000 meals we provide each week. And their multi-disciplinary and highly trained team work closely with the children and their families to ensure practical and emotional development for each and every child.

In supporting this programme Mothers4Children helps many children who face the loneliness and fear of returning to an empty home with no food or care. So far this year, with the support of Mothers4Children it has been possible for hundreds of children to go swimming, play football, learn to cook, express themselves through music and drama, and show their creative drawing and model making talents. They have also learnt to climb mountains and had the experience of visiting a city farm. Over 400 children have had new and positive experiences because of Mothers4Children support over the last year.

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