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M4C Celebrity Supporters

M4C is honoured to be associated with this esteemed group of friends. Their support and belief in our work help make our vision a true reality.

Allegra Hicks


“There is nothing else that is more important to me than my children and there never will be. Motherhood is a constant because your children are your children for the rest of your life.”

Avery Agnelli


"The maternal instinct to love and nurture our children is so strong, for this to be broken indicates such severe circumstances. Mothers 4 Children aims to soothe some of the pain."

Calgary Avansino

Executive Fashion Director at British Vogue

"Children indisputably learn by example, and those that experience love, patience, and kindness in their early years replicate those virtues throughout their lives - fostering a cycle of compassion that benefits all of humanity. As a mother of two that is the greatest gift you can bestow not only on your own children but as many children as possible through charity and volunteerism"

Elizabeth Hurley


"I am happy to lend my support to Mothers4Children as the concern of children and their well being should be a united cause".

Jasmin Guinness

Model, and Shopkeeper

"Everything changes when you become a mother, nothing remains the same. You wake up five times a night to check if they are still breathing and that worry never, ever goes away."

Jemima Khan


"Mothers4children is an inspiring idea - I am happy to be included - as a mother lucky enough to have healthy, happy children - to help raise awareness and funds for children who are less fortunate than my own"

Kate Driver

Film Producer

"When I look at my children I realise what a powerful force a mother is in shaping the life of a child. M4C is a fantastic way to collectively harness that power."

Kelly Hoppen MBE

Interior Designer

"Motherhood has been the highlight of my life. I think it made me a better person because being a woman in business can make you quite hard. And I know there are times when I am stressed out at work and my daughter will walk into my office and give me a hug and suddenly I am me again. It really grounds me."

Laura Bailey

Model & Writer

"As a mother I'm proud to support Mothers4Children - a groundbreaking fundraising initiative to aid children in trouble. My children are the best thing that ever happened to me and I believe every child has the right to feel safe and loved and enjoy the brightest future possible. I'm inspired by the idea of a mothers ' collective - women from different worlds channelling energy as a powerful force for good!"

Louise Redknapp

Singer and T.V Presenter

"I am proud to be part of Mothers4Children so we can work together to give all children the best start in life possible"

Marigay McKee

Fashion and Beauty director of Harrods

"I feel privileged to join a fabulous group of women who have come together with Mothers4Children to try and improve the lives of kids less fortunate than our own, but still everyone's future."

Melissa Odabash

Swimwear & Accessories Designer

"Motherhood is just magical.  It’s just the best thing that happened to me. I love it, absolutely love being a mother and I can’t imagine my life without children."

Pearl Lowe


"Having been a mother for 20 years now, I have experienced both magical and challenging times with my 4 children.
I am incredibly honoured to be a part of such a wonderful organisation that I am sure will be life changing"

Sarah Ferguson, The Dutchess of York

"We are raising the next generation, it is important we support each other as a community to give our children the start in life they deserve"

Tamara Beckwith

"Becoming a Mother for the second time 21 yrs later is a hugely different experience. Whereas before I was young and naive to what was what, now I am fully equipped through my own experiences, with the perils and dangers that our children face.  The overwhelming maternal instinct to protect, love, nurture and stand over your child is tornado proof strong.  It makes my heart ache if I think how some children will never know how life can be with a full tummy, a clean set of clothes and adults who just want to love them.  I feel that every little effort helps those less lucky."

Tania Bryer

British television personality, fashion model, journalist, and motivational speaker

‘The sad reality is that there are children suffering in the world. With the help of charities such as Mothers4Children we can take the steps to help the children that so desperately need it. As a mother I feel blessed to have 2 healthy daughters, as a human being I feel the responsibility to help those who need it.’

Tamara Mellon MBE

Co founder of Jimmy Choo

"Becoming a mother is the best thing that has happened to me, so anything I can do to help Mothers4Children and bring awareness to those children in need I am happy to do"

Tess Daly

Television Presenter

“There is a kind of universal understanding between mothers because your own child’s welfare is paramount and as an extension of that the welfare of all children will always be a priority.”

Tina Hobley


"Mothers are a force for good and motherhood is a great leveller.  Once you are a mother you have this natural empathy with other mothers and this natural concern for children that might not be as lucky as your own. It’s tough trying to be a top mummy and trying to keep a career going. I think even today a woman is lucky if she can keep something going that she enjoys and is successful at because your children have to come first."

Trinny Woodall

Presenter, Author & Stylist

"I think once you have children you think ‘I am so lucky that my child is growing up the way she is because there are so many children who aren’t.’ You have a responsibility to try and do something, you really do."

Yasmin Lebon

Trustee / Director

Supermodel & Mother of Three

'Mothers joined together as a force to highlight the plights of less fortunate children –the orphaned, disabled, abused, impoverished and those faced with life threatening illness is incredibly powerful & enduring.'